Hi there, I'm Emma.  

Cooking is what makes me feel most connected to the places I find myself and the people who surround me. Working with the most beautiful ingredients, discovering where our food comes from, learning from the growers and the perveyors, teaching others to cook, and feeding the community. These are the things that shape me, and these are the things that fuel my fire. I feel fortunate to have found a passion that enables me to grow and expand my repetoire within the framework of an industry that I've come to truly know and appreciate. 


  Originally from Berkeley, California, I earned a degree in Psychology from Vassar College 2009 while competing in a Division III soccer program. I've worked in social media and marketing in New York City and in San Francisco. I've spent time living and snowboarding on the slopes of Aspen, Colorado.  I've accrued extensive travel experience abroad soaking up as much culinary knowledge as possible. Somehow my heart always brings me back to Portland, where I've spent the last several years honing my culinary arsenal in some of the most notable kitchens of the Pacific Northwest.  


Having worked alongside the greatest culinary talent Portland has to offer has propelled my drive for excellence in all facets of my life and profession.  My accomplishments over the last decade both in and out of the kitchen have shown me the value of putting my efforts towards that which drives my passion, and helped to prepare me for the diverse and challenging projects that lay ahead. 


And this is Isaac.

You’d be hard-pressed to have worked or dined in the restaurant industry here in Portland, and NOT have had the memorable experience of meeting Isaac.

For over ten years, Isaac has been part of the Portland service industry; he honed his skills in the kitchens of many notable restaurants around town- Skin and Bones, Wafu, Imperial, Paley’s Place, Noisette and Tastebud, to name a few. He also had his hands in front-of-house and behind the scenes work farming, organizing and consulting teams of many of the city’s top eateries. He specializes, though, in giving out big bear hugs to his friends and strangers alike.